Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pardon My French

What to do when you cannot afford a French Tutor quite yet or follow those French In A Day CD's? Go to the children's section. Oui! I might be a thirty something, but my French is that of an minor. I enjoy the French For Children book, because it's fun! I can color, fill in the blanks, sing a song. And it has my own children engaged in my Parisian Mania.

Here is my version of Lesson 1. For all the French natives out there or Francophiles.........Pardon my French.

Bonjour. "Hello"
Salut "Hi."

Ca va? "Are you OK?"
Oui, ca va! "Yes, fine."

Je m'appelle Corine. "My name is Corine."
Comment t'appelles-tu? "What is your name?"

Excusez-moi. "Excuse me."
Pardon. "Excuse me."

Bon soir. "Good evening."
Bonne nuit. "Good night."

I want to be in Paris and show that I respect the culture and the language. I do not want to go on my vacation assuming, that everyone will accomodate my English.


Peter said...

Charming, nice...!! Really liked the way you presented this ... and to hear your voice!

Very good! (Except you should not hear the "t" in Bonne nuit!) :-)

Sara Louise said...

I'm learning French at the moment too. I've moved to a small French village so the language has been forced upon me. Before moving, I was trying different 'learn french' textbooks and the one that I've stuck to and is working the best is a high school French text and work book. With the others, it was like all I was learning was how to take a taxi and order in a restaurant.
Bonne chance!!

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Kudos to you for embracing and working on your language. It is not an easy thing to do. It will serve you well to step into another language, though, and not just for travel. I think learning new languages opens the soul, you know?

Thank you for sharing your lovely voice!

Venus ~ Vi said...

I absolutely agree with you! Children's books are way better than the To-Learn series. You are so dedicated and this will push you far =)