Saturday, February 6, 2010

French Dinner Trois

The favorite part of my week is when I get to cook French food. I opted for a fresh and luxurious Salad Nicoise this time around. Inspired by Tyler Florence's recipe on The Food Network website. I will never use canned tuna or jarred capers for this salad again. The seared tuna ($22/lb.) and caper berries made this an absolutely delectable dish. We had so much fun picking at it for an hour, while sipping wine and having a conversation about Paris!
For dessert, I baked a Tarte Fine Aux Pommes inspired by the French Food & Cook site. Excellent crust recipe. It's easy to make in your Cuisinart and spread inside the pie dish. It comes out crisp on the outside and cake like on the inside. The pie is tart, which is so complimentary with a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream. Magnificent!
It was a lovely time with our lovely friend. We discussed our plans to visit Europe in extensive detail, which lead us to the conclusion that maybe, we should just move there for a couple of years.

Au revoir....'Til Next Time!


Mirela said...

Thanks Corine for your French cuisine and was DELISH!! Look out France...the Langs are taken over!!! LoL

Anonymous said...

The food looks great and I bet so yummy. Wish I was there to share.. miss you all so much!! Love, Kat

Leo @ cupcakes in Paris said...

Everything looks delicious. You've totally inspired me to make a salade nicoise this week.... Beautiful!

ParisBreakfasts said...

I wonder if I could trust myself to bake a Tarte Fine Aux Pommes and not eat the entire thing at one go...?
No I could not
Looks delish