Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Did I really think that I could learn French by listening to a CD? Why....yes, I did! Do I still believe that? Absolutely NOT.

There are so many silent n's and h's and slurred r's and nasal em's and om's. The French lady on audio speaks a lot faster than I am capable of repeating. I rewinded and rewinded and my tongue got tangled. Maybe I should begin my French immersion in the patisserie. I am much more fluent in creme brulee......

Well, point taken today. I must sign up for French lessons with a teacher. One that can correct my botched French, time and time again. One with a lot of patience. At my age, picking up a new language is like trying to go clubbing with my girlfriends until 4 AM. It can be done, but not with a lot of grace.

I know I can visit my beloved Paris in English, but I really really want to speak "the language of love." It would make me sound more sophisticated, more French.

Bonsoir, mesdames et messieurs!

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